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Mayberry Electric has experience in providing in-house design build services. We average two or three new projects every month that go through our design process and initiate construction. We can offer a streamlined design process and drastically cut design time.


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Mayberry Electric has a culture of superior customer service. We are here to meet your needs 24/7, call our hotline day or night anytime at 404-645-7373. Our highly trained and experienced electricians can provide you the best service and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our efforts and feel great about the value we bring to your building, whether it be Commercial, Medical, or Industrial.


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Our dedicated prefabrication shop allows us to hit the ground running for your next construction or service project. Prefab speeds up project completion time which ultimately saves our customers both time and money.

Electrical Components

Our approach to prefabrication of our electrical components allows up to stay ahead of the curve and deliver on our promises to a on time project completion.

Dedicated Craftmanship

We at Mayberry Electric want to deliver nothing but the best for our clients, that’s why we pride ourselves on our extensive testing, quality assurance, and vetting processes.

The Right Tools

Preparation is important, but being properly equiped with the right tools makes all the difference. We take our equipment very seriously and always make sure to have the right tools for the job.


Mayberry Electric has a well established reputation of providing excellent tenant interior construction services. We understand that the electrician is frequently the first trade on, and the last trade off of the job site. We are the preferred electrical contractor for numerous Class A high-rise, Medical, and Industrial buildings alongside Atlanta’s top general contractors.


At Mayberry Electric, we provide you with the best Service Electricians in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Our electricians have been thoroughly trained to add value to Class A high-rise, industrial, and medical office spaces throughout the Atlanta area. Our Team can make a difference for your building by our
electrical expertise, commitment to excellence, and responsiveness to your requests. We want to partner with you to take your buildings to the next level!


  • IR Reports/Power Logger
  • EV Charger Installation
  • Arc Flash Study
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dedicated Outlets
  • Lighting Consultation
  • Parking Deck Retrofit & Repairs
  • Pole Lighting Retrofit & Repairs
  • Lighting and Distribution Upgrades &


  • Load Analysis
  • Premise and Power Wiring
  • Secondary Metering